IATA Cans from Nexus Packaging

Air transport can offer a range of benefits when exporting goods but when liquids such as dangerous chemicals are involved this presents a number of issues. Traditional packaging may not be strong enough, secure enough or lack the appropriate certification making them unsuitable for stresses of flight, rapid changes in air pressure and aeroplane storage conditions.

Nexus Packing manufacture and supply a range of durable, UN approved IATA Cans and UN Group 1 drums to address these airfreight issues. These International Aviation Transport Approved cans are designed to the highest possible standards with respect to steel quality, welding methods, manufacturing tolerances and pressure testing. They retain an unbreakable tight seal making them the best possible option for transporting chemical and liquid products by aeroplane or helicopter.

Nexus Packaging supply 1, 5, 11, 20, 25 and 210 litre Steel Tighthead Drums, manufactured to UN 1A1 standard (tested for Packaging Groups I, II, + III) and are used predominately in the Oil, Spirits, Essence, Food and Paint Industry sectors, especially for customers who require shipping hazardous liquids by Air.

We are suppliers of IATA Cans & UN Group 1 Drums throughout the World.

Our Cans and Drums have an Epoxy Phenolic internal lacquer (optional), and have a Stove Enamelled outer finish, which is available in a variety of colours. We currently supply our Cans and Drums to customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and we welcome enquiries from all over the world.

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